Mr Edmonds, you have never been my cup of tea, probably something to do with that awful Blobby fellow and your inane game involving red boxes but I’m contacting you because you have my utter approval.

It takes courage to stand up to these people and it takes energy to resist them wearing you down with their false smiles and expressions of sympathy when behind the mask they are evil personified.

I lost my business when without reason or warning they withdrew a very modest banking facility. I rebuilt my life only for them to do it a second time and this occasion I lost not only the business, but my home and my wonderful partner who could take the stress no more.

Be careful Mr Edmonds you are making powerful enemies and they will do anything they can to discredit to you personally. All in the name of bonuses and shareholder value.

More power to your elbow dear chap. I if you win, thousands win and that would be a personal legacy much greater than your TV work.

Yours sincerely

Michael Simpson