Hi, I’m the bloke who nearly bumped into you outside the washroom at Gresham Street! You were talking to a lady and I probably had my mouth open because we don’t get a lot of TV stars in our building. I was going to ask for a selfie for my mum whose loved you for years but it didn’t look like the right time.

I didn’t know why you would be visiting until I went back to the office and people said youre suing Lloyds. When I googled you and found the victim’s website (is it you or other people?) I understood why you were visiting. Like a lot of us I really don’t understand what it’s all about because HBOS was before our time.

I think I speak for quite a few of us we’d like the whole thing to be over because it makes us out to be crooks to. It would be great if we could improve our image because I don’t tell many people I’m a banker!

Mum would love the photo. If I send an address would you send one.


ps at least I’m not an estate agent!

Hi Matt,

I’ve changed your name just to be on the safe side. Apparently some Lloyds people are getting into trouble for speaking out on this issue.

Correction- I am not ‘suing’I am merely trying to have what was stolen from me returned with a suitable level of compensation. I agree it’s not your fault but it is a Lloyds responsibility.

I would be delighted to send mum a photograph and a personal message, just give me the details.

Best wishes Noel.