On Friday morning of May 26 at 8 AM Alex Kingston broadcast a few details about the fraud story involving Lloyds bank conspiring with Alder King to bring down businesses in order to call in loans and presumably to avoid having money out on low rates. Alex was urging viewers to tune in to the evening programme for full details.

As I and my business have been drastically affected by the same disgusting behaviour I duly tuned in only to find that the story had mysteriously seemed to have been dropped?

The next day I telephoned the BBC and asked to be put through to Points West to find out what happened to this story? I ended up speaking to a chap who said that he was not on that particular shift but he did remember it being broadcast and would look into it, go through the running order and come back to me. A short while later he rang me to say that there had been a meeting the day of the broadcast of BBC managers at which it was decided to not run the story until after the election.

I found this very odd to say the least. Why would the BBC do this? What on earth had this to do with the election in any case?

Martin Woolls.