Dear Lord Blackwell

Having factually countered every single one of your Ms. Briggs at Customer Services objections for remediating me, as ruled you must do for the crimes your staff carried out against my family and I, you now have no more excuses left not to return our monies stolen, nor the Supreme Court Damages set for the ten years of our lives your theft and denials have taken away from our lives. Now your staff have admitted exhausting all of their denials and lies, thus I still await our own money that was stolen returned plus of course the awarded damages, the interest at 10.5% compounded on what you stole, and 30% surcharged for Lloyds FCA early settlement discount refused, etc.

Not to mention your personal Apology which has never ever been forthcoming for the Crime that Black Horse Finance carried out. Further I look forward to meeting you again when I accompany the Bailiffs and accompanying Press to seize what you owe following the APPG Fair Business Banking Tribunal.

Yours sincerely

David Brotherston