Lloyds Banking Group PLC
F.A.O. Lord Blackwell
25 Gresham Street

Recorded Delivery

Dear Lord Blackwell
Recently I read an article on the Noel Edmonds fraud by corrupt staff, just like those you condone, still employed at Black Horse Finance and Customer Services, who stole from me and still refuse to return what they stole despite having been caught, and Ruled they do by the Financial Authorities and Courts!

The article goes on to say Mr. Edmonds asked to meet the CEO but his requests go unanswered just like my letters to you! It then being stated that Lloyds Compensation scheme is “on track”, does that mean you have a date to remediate me as you were ruled by both your Regulator and the Supreme Court to do, over two years ago now? It stated the bank is ready to make compensation offers from a £100 million pot! This dispute is not open to derisory offers, this would be completely unacceptable as you owe me today over £55.5 million. With Mr. Edmonds owed £73 million, this means the bank’s pot is short some £28.5 million for anyone else stolen from. Therefore we will proceed with attaching Lloyds Properties to ensure there is sufficient surplus to go around all those cheated and stolen from, just as we were!

Then the bank’s spokesman lied that their first concern is to their customers who considered taking their own lives? Yet another pack of lies from Lloyds! In my case I was pulled off the Forth Bridge in October 2014 before the FCA then ruled for us in June 2015. Black Horse having stolen our house making us all homeless and destroying our family because of Black Horses illegal “standard practice”. The only action Lloyds took in my case was to continue defying the Regulator and Supreme Court, refusing to return what you stole nor remediate the Ruled Damages, interest, consequential losses, destroyed family etc. Still leaving me homeless and seriously ill with the stress your lies and refusal to act honourably nor as ruled, caused me to be and my ex-wife who works for Lloyds even suffered a nervous breakdown!

Lloyds stated in April that payments would begin in May, but on 11 May at the AGM you lied straight to my face promising you would settle this dispute, with us now being halfway through September, some 5 months on, guess what? More lies from you! Having received a further letter of defiance from your discredited Customer Services, stating the FOS ruled for you! This, before your lies to them came back to bite you and the truth came out, about the illegal “standard practice” and resultant Crime committed! The FOS cannot rule for you as you pled Guilty to the FCA, what you denied and lied about to the FOS! The Supreme Court Ruled in March 2015, Contemptuously, the next month you defy this Ruling in Court!

So, you now have no excuses not to return what is Ruled by the Supreme Court and FCA, you owe for the destruction of our lives over the last ten years, and theft of our house, so I expect instant remediation!
Yours sincerely

David Brotherston
Encl. Losses/Invoice September 2017

Cc. Deidre Brock MP. Clive Lewis MP. Police Scotland Economic Crime Unit, the FCA, the FOS, APPG Fair Business Banking, Treasury Select Committee, James Salmon, Financial Editor Daily Mail, Editorial Office Daily Telegraph, the HBOS Reading Victims Group.

Black Horse’s mis-sold PPI consequential losses September 2017/invoice
Capital Losses as at 1/09/2017: caused by criminal actions, to which a guilty plea was entered with the FCA 4 June 2015
Black Horse paid to, and included compounded interest at 10.5% per annum £115,841.76
Kensington £61933.78 paid to clear + £58750.00 paid to from Aug. 2007, loan balance £123,683.78
House forced sale price £330,000.00
Title Transfer fee for transfer to joint names in 2007 insisted upon by B/H £1,020.00
Connor Malcolm fees related to pressured sale of Property £6,429.00
Fees Scottish Civil Legal Assistance fees for Court + Thorley Stephenson fee £2,396.00
Watches 2 Rolex’s stolen by a house viewer, declined on home insurance £23,850.00
Various personal items previously itemised plus removal and storage of workshop equipment and tools £16,401.00
Sundries stationery, ink, stamps, phone calls, consultations, bus fares, etc. £10,000.00
Lost Salary fighting B/H full time for justice, 115 months @ £5,000.00 P.C.M. £575,000.00
Business £150,000 invested in half share worth £700,000.00 £700,000.00
Sub Total £1,904,621.54
Damages Supreme Court Revision (2011) £640k pa.+ £500k X 3 + 19.2% inflation.
applies due to ignoring FCA, & RBS V Carlyle, & Eric Daniels testimony in theft of house £9,480372.85
Sub Total £11,384,994.39
Interest B/H same set rate of 10.5% p.a. compounded from Aug 2007/121 months £21,284,476.16
Apology Counsel says for a Bank that committed a premeditated Criminal Act, at least £10,000,000.00
Sub Total £42,669,470.55
Plus 30% Lloyds 30% FCA early settle disc. Added as surcharge for late settlement* £12,800,841.16

Total £55,470,311.72

• * Unless FCA reverse the 30% early plea/settlement disc. of £50 million, FCA advise surcharge is valid

+ £20,000.00 per day interest and costs just as was charged by Black Horse to their criminal act, paid into Sort Code 87-70-27 Account Number 74571260 in name of D. C. Brotherston. FCA confirm this is fair given your plea and criminal actions, as do APPG Fair Business Banking Enquiry. Also, this matter will be heavily publicised in Media and Tabloid press, who have offered substantial remuneration for full story and evidence, once finally settled by the Criminal Bank.