I can only liken my experience of dealing with HBOS appointed executives to how I would imagine dealing with the Mafia would be. It was financial rape. I lost everything, my reputation, all our money, all our pension schemes. My children lost their father in their lives and the idyllic childhood they previously had. Our family was devastated… They robbed me of my life’s work

Joanne Dove

On Friday morning of May 26 at 8 AM Alex Kingston broadcast a few details about the fraud story involving Lloyds bank conspiring with Alder King to bring down businesses in order to call in loans and presumably to avoid having money out on low rates. Alex was urging viewers to tune in to the evening programme for full details.

As I and my business have been drastically affected by the same disgusting behaviour I duly tuned in only to find that the story had mysteriously seemed to have been dropped?

The next day I telephoned the BBC and asked to be put through to Points West to find out what happened to this story? I ended up speaking to a chap who said that he was not on that particular shift but he did remember it being broadcast and would look into it, go through the running order and come back to me. A short while later he rang me to say that there had been a meeting the day of the broadcast of BBC managers at which it was decided to not run the story until after the election.

I found this very odd to say the least. Why would the BBC do this? What on earth had this to do with the election in any case?

Martin Woolls.

Just a line from another Noel!

I too was a victim of HBOS Reading’s Lyndon Scourfield and Quayside Corporate Services. Cost me £10 million as well as my marriage. Whilst both my ex-wife and I have moved on and are happy with new partners she concedes that had it not been for HBOS we’d still be married.

We have made a claim in the farce that is called “Project Windsor”.

I too suffered depression and indeed the odd suicidal thought.

I am proud of you Noel taking such a public stance against HBOS/Lloyds. That takes real guts.

It is very likely we may be in touch again after June 30, but for now, thanks again.

Noel Morris

Hi, I’m the bloke who nearly bumped into you outside the washroom at Gresham Street! You were talking to a lady and I probably had my mouth open because we don’t get a lot of TV stars in our building. I was going to ask for a selfie for my mum whose loved you for years but it didn’t look like the right time.

I didn’t know why you would be visiting until I went back to the office and people said youre suing Lloyds. When I googled you and found the victim’s website (is it you or other people?) I understood why you were visiting. Like a lot of us I really don’t understand what it’s all about because HBOS was before our time.

I think I speak for quite a few of us we’d like the whole thing to be over because it makes us out to be crooks to. It would be great if we could improve our image because I don’t tell many people I’m a banker!

Mum would love the photo. If I send an address would you send one.


ps at least I’m not an estate agent!

Hi Matt,

I’ve changed your name just to be on the safe side. Apparently some Lloyds people are getting into trouble for speaking out on this issue.

Correction- I am not ‘suing’I am merely trying to have what was stolen from me returned with a suitable level of compensation. I agree it’s not your fault but it is a Lloyds responsibility.

I would be delighted to send mum a photograph and a personal message, just give me the details.

Best wishes Noel.

These people are crooks who do not care whom they destroy, they lie, cheat and steal. I nearly took my own life. They even lied to my MP.

We intend to re-livery the car with-“ Don’t trust Blackhorse Finance”-they lie, cheat and steal.

David Brotherston

I brought the conduct of Halifax to the attention of senior management in 1999/2000 and I have the documents to prove it. They have gone out of their way to distance themselves ever since and consequently my home was stolen and business ruined. Dyfed Powys police have been made aware of all matters ongoing and continue to evade their responsibility to the public at large.

Dafydd Morgan

Thousands of us have been turned over by Lloyds and other banks since the financial crisis. We haven’t only lost our businesses but in some cases our homes and there have been many mental breakdowns and suicides due to the misconduct of banks.

It’s been reported that Noel felt humiliated and that’s what the banks do to you and when on top of the humiliation you are left homeless and penniless it is devastating.

Joan Keeley

Mr Edmonds, you have never been my cup of tea, probably something to do with that awful Blobby fellow and your inane game involving red boxes but I’m contacting you because you have my utter approval.

It takes courage to stand up to these people and it takes energy to resist them wearing you down with their false smiles and expressions of sympathy when behind the mask they are evil personified.

I lost my business when without reason or warning they withdrew a very modest banking facility. I rebuilt my life only for them to do it a second time and this occasion I lost not only the business, but my home and my wonderful partner who could take the stress no more.

Be careful Mr Edmonds you are making powerful enemies and they will do anything they can to discredit to you personally. All in the name of bonuses and shareholder value.

More power to your elbow dear chap. I if you win, thousands win and that would be a personal legacy much greater than your TV work.

Yours sincerely

Michael Simpson

By all means put my comment on your website but please I beg of you do not identify me because I simply cannot afford to be made redundant at this difficult time.

I have worked for Lloyds for five years during this time I have become increasingly uncomfortable about the management orders. I’m not allowed the freedom to treat people with respect. The customers are just numbers and the system says their money becomes our money. I doubt that they will pay you a penny in compensation but I wish you luck anyway. If you and other people who suffered did succeed it would make me feel a little happier about the work I have to do.

God bless you Noel.

(A current Lloyds employee)

Noel, I found your radio stations because I’ve been haunted with insomnia and positively sleepy has just about cured the problem and I also like tranquil. Then last week I found your own radio station and I’m fascinated to hear about this banking scandal. There’s been a bit in our newspapers but I didn’t really follow it until you explained that you are a victim of a crime.

Good luck getting any money out of your bank as I had a major run in with the Royal Bank of Canada and they passed me from one department to another and in the end shrugged their shoulders and said “we didn’t wreck your business you did, if you don’t agree see you in court.”

So it seems bankers are bankers wherever you are in the world. But good luck with the radio I love it and I’ll continue to spread the word.

Pete Dury
S Ontario

Griggs is an absolute fraud. If he wants he can sue me for saying it because he needs to be exposed. He swans around as if he is a big cheese in Scotland but actually his cupboard is packed with skeletons. Get one of your media buddies to dig around and you will find more shit than that black horse will ever produce.

Giffnock, Glasgow.

Hi, just found you and I need to make one thing clear. There’s lots of us in Lloyds who can’t stand the management in their ivory tower. When the slimy Portuguese made thousands redundant he didn’t have the decency to handle it personally. He just got his henchmen to deal with it. And last year when he was exposed for nobbing some bird on a foreign trip his apology was greeted with contempt by many of us. We’ve given him the nickname Nosorio because behind that smile is a very insincere nasty man. If he really is off to another bank we say good riddance and get on with it.

(current Lloyds employee)

Greetings Noel or whoever at positivity radio checks the emails. I love your radio station attacking Lloyds bank. When you’re finished have a go Bank of America please. Tell whoever is choosing the music they’ve got a great sense of humour. I’m loving it, I’m tweeting about it, and telling everyone I can about this British guy with attitude who’s got the best radio stations of ever heard. Do you fancy helping us to get rid of Trump?


I’m delighted to see that Prof Griggs has been ‘exposed’ in today’s Times. In my experience he is a very devious individual. He has a Capt Mainwaring ego and a very overinflated sense of his own importance.

I have had a couple of very unpleasant business experiences with the professor which I will be happy to share with you if you would like to respond by phone or email.

(address & number given)


Having been turned over by different bankers in different banks on so many occasions during my 30 year business career I was delighted to hear last week that 4 senior Barclays executives have been arrested and charged and will be brought to justice.

These are the first prosecutions associated with the great banking crash but surely there will be more?

I see today (June 26th) that the Thames Valley Police Commissioner has evidence that both the chief executive and the chairman of Lloyds Bank were well aware of the HBOS crime at the time they took over the bank. Hopefully their names will be added to a growing list of banking executives who enjoy a spell of incarceration at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

Justice for the millions who have suffered austerity because of these unscrupulous bankers can never arrive too soon. Keep up your good work.

Kindest regards,

Michael Rennie

Just a few of the 1000’s of Lloyds victims – oops sorry – customers

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