Noel Edmonds lashes out at Lloyds boss over knowledge of HBOS scandal

Television celebrity Noel Edmonds has described Lloyds boss Antonio Horta Osorio as a “shit banker” or a “liar” in relation to the chief executive’s knowledge of a fraud scandal at HBOS.

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HBOS must have known of Reading fraud, Thames Valley PCC says

Cabinet secretary rescinded offer to meet to discuss concerns about banking sector, Anthony Stansfeld also tells meeting

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Channel 4 highlights the HBOS Scandal

‘I’m not the only one who went through hell

‘I’m not the only one who went through hell. Toxic banks have wrecked thousands of lives’: NOEL EDMONDS on how being driven to the very brink of suicide sparked a flood of responses from Mail on Sunday readers

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I complained to FCA about payout deal

Noel Edmonds has reported Lloyds to the Financial Conduct Authority over delays in the payment of compensation to victims of the HBOS fraud.

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Edmonds Finds Funding For Lloyds Compensation Fight

Noel says investors with deep pockets are willing to bankroll his £300 million compensation battle with Lloyds banking group

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TV star Noel Edmonds secures funding for his £300m Lloyds battle as he claims his business was deliberately brought down by HBOS

Television presenter Noel Edmonds has secured litigation funding for his £300 million action against Lloyds as he steps up his campaign against the bank’s treatment of small businesses a decade ago

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Evil Bankers Drove Me To The Brink Of Suicide

On the evening of January 18, 2005, Noel Edmonds closed the door of his Devon manor house and walked towards the nearby woods, intent on ending his own life.

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Noel Edmonds reveals how he tried to take his own life near Devon home after falling victim to financial fraud

TV star Noel Edmonds has given a frank account of how he tried to take his own life near his Devon home after falling victim to financial fraud.

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Lloyds Bank The Heartless Bank

Lloyds Whistleblowers

Mr Blobby TV Star In £300m Bank Fraud

This is a story about criminal behaviour at one of Britain’s oldest and most famous banking institutions. It involves Mr Blobby and a radio DJ called Noel Edmonds. It also involves Lloyds bank, which as their current TV commercials will tell you, has been stealing looking after your money since 1765, when it was known as Taylor & Lloyds. Sampson Lloyd was a Birmingham Quaker.

Noel Edmonds raises HBOS compensation claim to £300m

Demand is three times the amount Lloyds has set aside for all fraud victims

Dark Horse Dark Force

Noel Edmonds plans personal TV documentary about £73 MILLION battle with Lloyds

AFTER taking on the Banker in Deal Or No Deal for 11 years, Noel Edmonds is about to take his fight to the public, as he plans a tell-all documentary about his £73 million battle with Lloyds.

Looks like NO DEAL as Noel Edmonds increases compensation claim against Lloyds Banking Group to £300MILLION

Noel Edmonds has increased his claim against Lloyds Banking Group to £300million in a fight for compensation after he fell victim to fraud at the hands of former HBOS Reading staff.

Deal or No Deal host Noel Edmonds’ compensation claim against Lloyds Bank climbs to £300million

TV presenter was previously after £50-£70million for HBOS fraud

Noel Edmonds increases compensation claim against Lloyd’s Bank to £300million after he fell victim to fraud

Noel Edmonds has increased his compensation claim against Lloyds Banking Group to a massive £300 million after he fell victim to fraud at the hands of former HBOS Reading staff.

Noel Edmonds increases compensation claim for HBOS fraud to £300m

Former Deal Or No Deal host boosts claim from tens of millions to three times the total Lloyds has set aside for the case

HBOS fraud victims go unpaid as Lloyds battles Noel Edmonds

Five months after a high court judge handed out lengthy jail terms to a group of financiers who left business owners “cheated, defeated and penniless”, only one of the victims of the HBOS fraud has received compensation.

A more honest version of the Noble Horse Lloyds Ad

Noel Edmonds is now demanding £300m from Lloyds Banking Group over HBOS scandal

Noel Edmonds is now demanding £300m from Lloyds Banking Group over HBOS scandal

Noel Edmonds seeking €300m compensation from Lloyds Banking Group

Noel Edmonds has increased his compensation claim against Lloyds Banking Group to a massive £300 million after he fell victim to fraud at the hands of former HBOS Reading staff.

Looks like NO DEAL as Noel Edmonds increases compensation claim against Lloyds Banking Group to £300MILLION

Noel Edmonds has increased his claim against Lloyds Banking Group to £300million in a fight for compensation after he fell victim to fraud at the hands of former HBOS Reading staff.

Did Lord Blackwell Lie

Britons Suffer

Deal or no deal? Noel Edmonds raises Lloyds compensation claim to £300m

TV star Noel Edmonds has increased his compensation claim against Lloyds Banking Group to £300m for a fraud carried out by HBOS staff.

Lloyds wins the award for Dishonest Bank

Noel Edmonds increases compensation claim against Lloyd’s Bank to £300million after he fell victim to fraud

Noel Edmonds has increased his compensation claim against Lloyds Banking Group to a massive £300 million after he fell victim to fraud at the hands of former HBOS Reading staff.

FSA warned Lloyds in 2012 about risk of ‘potential fraud’ at HBOS Reading

Lloyds Banking Group was warned by the City watchdog five years ago that there had been a risk of “potential fraud” at HBOS’ Reading office, it has emerged.

Chief Executive Antonio Horta Osorio’s reaction to missing the June 30th deadline

Thieving Bankers

HBOS knew of £240m corporate scam in 2007

Bankers at HBOS had uncovered a “potential fraud” in its corporate division by March 2007, a report by the City regulator suggests, providing fresh evidence that there was a cover-up of a scam that ruined the livelihoods of scores of small business owners.

Lloyds bank pays HBOS fraud victims £35,000 in living expenses

Lloyds Banking Group has issued one-off £35,000 payments to victims of the fraud in its HBOS Reading branch after missing Friday’s deadline to make offers to the small business customers caught up in the scandal.

Lloyds fraud victims bemoan ‘pyrrhic victory’ as compensation scheme drags

Lloyds Banking Group is set to miss an end-June deadline for offering compensation to victims of one of Britain’s largest fraud cases, the latest delay in a decade-long struggle by business owners for redress.

The Victim’s Harrowing Stories

Griggs I don’t like you GO

HBOS fraud victims go unpaid as Lloyds battles Noel Edmonds

Bank denies star’s claim £100m scheme is a ‘sham’ as only one victim of loans scam has received compensation

What the HBOS fraud tells us about the state of British banking

The £1 billion HBOS Reading fraud, my part in exposing it, and what it tells us about the state of British banking

HBOS fraud: Amid fresh media claims, why it’s too early for the curtain to fall on this scandal

Lloyds, HBOS’s owner, has dismissed a report in the Sunday Times about its handling of the affair, and says it is focussed on compensating victims

Open banking is the open marriage that customers have been crying out for

Banking has been a closed shop for too long. Most people open a current account when they are young and never move. That relationship, with all its valuable information, is hoarded by a single institution that seems to think customer service is about what the client can do for its bottom line.

Jim Armitage: Lloyds must tread more carefully to avoid Reading rage

Hell hath no fury like a customer scorned. Just ask Lloyds.

Lloyds £100m proposal ‘doesn’t begin to cover’ HBOS fraud

Mp’s , The Police and the Regulator demand Lloyds pay up

Lloyds helped HBOS fraudster to buy prime asset cheaply

Victims of HBOS Reading scandal call for Russel Griggs, head of compensation scheme, to quit

Victims of the HBOS Reading scandal have called for the resignation of the head of the compensation scheme after it emerged that he has indirect business connections with the fraudster who ran the scam.

Noel pleads with Lloyds to give victims closure

Prof Griggs the Lloyds Puppet

The Heartless Lloyds PROCESS

We all live with debt

Lloyds Victims



1. HBOS were aware of the crime by 2007 and covered it up – FSA report.


2. Lloyds must have known about the HBOS crime years before the trial – Thames Valley Police.


3. Lloyds initially denied the crime had occurred and then claimed Lloyds was the real victim – CPS & Police.


4. Until the bankers were jailed earlier this year Lloyds told the victims and the media they had no evidence of the crime.


5. Lloyds promised all victims “fair and swift” compensation by the end of June. They broke that promise.




In response to Noel Edmonds’ lawyers sending their files to the Thames Valley Police and the Parliamentary Committee for Banking Standards, Lloyds issued the following statement on July 26th


“If anyone has new information about the fraud at HBOS Reading it should be passed to the police and the regulator”

This statement should be considered in the context of Lloyds’ historic reluctance, and sometimes refusal, to make their extensive archive of related documentation available to the police, the judiciary and the regulators.
In their statement of July 26th they deliberately use the words “new information”. It would be more accurate if they had said:

“If anyone has proof of the extensive criminal activities we’ve denied for years and if anyone has discovered the secrets locked in our vaults for over a decade, please don’t tell the Old Bill because Andy, Dennis, Victor, Eric, James, Peter, Norman, Juan, Antonio and the others, don’t want to be banged up with the Reading 6.”

In the USA dozens of top banksters have been jailed
The tiny country of Iceland has so far jailed 29 top banksters
In the UK not one top bankster has been jailed –






Join the other Lloyds employees who have already supplied invaluable information and advice to the victims.

If you have any suspicions or evidence about past or present criminal activities do please contact the Thames Valley Police immediately

If you have legitimate access to documentation which you believe can assist the police in their enquiries do please contact Thames Valley Police immediately

Lloyds has previously attempted to gag employees. Contact us immediately if you feel your concerns about criminal activities within HBOS/Lloyds are not being appropriately handled.

Many banking professionals are very concerned about the image of their profession and the conduct of their employers. Please contact us- we are sympathetic to your concerns

In the course of your work have you discovered information or activity of possibly a criminal nature? Are you being asked to do things you find ethically unacceptable?

Are you in fear of losing your job if you question the activities of your superiors and the commercial culture of your bank?

Would you like to speak out and cooperate with the authorities but you are being silenced by your senior managers?

Would you like to take an active role in helping people who have had their lives and livelihoods destroyed by criminal Banksters?


The victims of the HBOS/Lloyds crime recognise that many former and current Lloyds’ employees are appalled by the manner in which Lloyds Banking Group continues to prolong their agony.
We ask you to show your support for all the victims by providing any information you may have about past and present criminal activities and what is widely recognised as a massive Lloyds’ management ‘cover-up’.

We promise absolute confidentiality.

We recognise that many of you are fearful of losing your jobs which is why you can contact us in confidence on the following email:
We will then protect your identity whilst immediately passing your information to Thames Valley Police and the regulators.


Chief Executive Antonio Horta Osorio’s reaction to missing the June 30th deadline.
LLoyds wins the award for- Dishonest Bank of the Year.

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Dark Horse Dark Force

Lloyds Latest TV Ads

Antonio Horta-Osario
Chief Executive

Lloyds is “absolutely determined” victims are “fairly, swiftly and appropriately compensated”

Lloyds Banking
Group Statement:

“We remain on track to begin making the first compensation offers before the end of May and anticipate making all compensation offers by the end of June”

“Lloyds is perfectly placed to restore the image of British banking with actions based upon truth and trust”-Lord Blackwell 2016

“My primary responsibility as Chairman is to restore Lloyds reputation as a reliable and trustworthy bank”-Lord Blackwell 2015

“Lloyds ought to be one of those great British institutions that everyone in the country is proud of for what we do and the way we do it.”-Lord Blackwell 2014

Lord Blackwell

Compensation will be paid quickly-“ by quickly I mean weeks rather than months”

Prof Griggs
Independent Reviewer
Slimy, deceitful,
untrustworthy character

Prof Russel Griggs,

Finally the truth you have been trying to conceal is now in the public domain thanks to Nikki and Paul Turner and The Times newspaper.

The revelation that there is a commercial link between your business interests and David Mills, now serving 15 years in prison for his evil crime, makes your position, as the so-called ‘independent’ reviewer of victims’ claims, absolutely untenable.

Whilst others are carefully avoiding suggesting that you have been involved in any criminal activity I do not hesitate to accuse you of being a man totally without conscience or principle. You are a slime ball and scumbag of the highest order.

You accepted the role of ‘Lloyds Puppet’ simply to line your own pocket. You certainly have no qualifications to perform such an important task- “the fair and swift resolution of victims claims”-  compensating individuals and families who have been devastated by “the worst banking crime in history”.

You are not an accountant. You are not a forensic accountant. You are not a lawyer. You are not a victim counsellor. You are not even a real professor.

You are an utter sham- conducting a total scam.

Prof. Devil Griggs Go!

NOEL EDMONDS- 26th June 2017

The website of a discredited man


What are you hiding Griggs?



Shamed & Erased

Lloyds are placing a huge significance upon the status of Prof Russell Griggs. They promote his  ‘independence’ even though they appointed him and they are paying him so he’s obviously not independent. Lloyds boast that Griggs experience and qualifications make him ideally suited to review all victims claims. Despite the fact that he has no legal or accountancy qualifications! Well at least he is a Professor and that sort of title generally impresses people.

BUT Griggs is not even a professor in the sense that he earned the title through academic achievement. He was actually given it by Glasgow University.

Well Griggsy it’s time for you to show me a bit of respect because I have trumped you!

As you can see from my certificates I am now Prof & Dr Edmonds- huh beat that. And furthermore I wasn’t given these degrees I paid for them out of my own taxed income. I will be adding the cost to my compensation claim.

Prof Dr Noel Edmonds

Prof Russel Griggs
“Independent” Reviewer

Dear Prof Griggs,

You were appointed by Lloyds and you are being paid by Lloyds. In this regard your status as an ‘independent’ reviewer of the victims cases is surely questionable? The fact that a serious crime was committed by the bank and that the devastated victims are all due fair compensation, is not in question. So why are you refusing to meet with victims and to resolve their claims swiftly? Could it be that you are financially motivated to procrastinate?

Russel, since I lodged my own claim with Lloyds I have received a wealth of information from trusted associates in the media, respected business organisations, many of the victims, customers of Lloyds, investors in Lloyds and somewhat tellingly- employees of Lloyds. I’m sure that some of the information I’m receiving must be inaccurate or indeed totally untrue. However, there are certain allegations now being levelled at the chief executive, the chairman, the board of directors and yourself that do appear worthy of further enquiry. In particular claims regarding your personal remuneration package.

3 questions:

1) Is it true that you are being paid £273,000 per annum to oversee the review process?
2) Is it true that you also receive expenses of up to £5,000 per month?
3) Is it true that you have a three-year contract?

No doubt you will argue that your personal remuneration, whatever it is, does not compromise your ‘independence’. But of course it does. Particularly, if its also true you’re on a bonus to keep victims’ payments as low as possible.

Now, as I said at the beginning of this letter this information may be totally untrue in which case we all look forward to learning the actual details of your remuneration package-particularly with regard to the term of your employment. Lloyds Chairman, Lord Blackwell,has promised that all victims will have their claims settled by the end of June, so the term of your employment is highly relevant.If Norman is telling the truth you are presumably out of a job on July 1st?

But if you’re on an extended term or open-ended contract the only conclusion we victims can arrive at, is that Lloyds have no intention of settling ‘swiftly’, and much like the PPI scandal Lloyds has planned for the long haul over many years.

I look forward to receiving your answers and I repeat again, yet again, my request to meet with you to agree the settlement terms of my claim.



Prof Russel Griggs
Family Home

Dear Prof Griggs,

I must say you have a lovely home.You must be very proud of it.

No doubt its been made possible by your own hard work over many years.I imagine you, and your wife Liz, would be pretty upset if criminal actions by trusted professionals forced you to lose everything, including your family home?

But thats exactly what happened to so many honest and industrious people targeted and destroyed by the HBOS criminals.

Do you know how many relationships were wrecked? How many families were broken up? How many of the victims now suffer life threatening ill-health? Do you know how many desperate broken souls took their own lives?

Of course you should know, because you are the “independent” reviewer for the Lloyds Banking Group. But do you care and are you really ‘independent’?

I invite you to prove your independence by removing the inertia of the “review process”,by demanding that Lloyds executives fulfil their promises and by immediately securing fair and appropriate compensation for all the victims.

Russel-is this the home of a puppet or a man of principle?

Kindest regards,